Dr Jessica has a lot of experience helping people lose weight and provides comprehensive support for aiding weight loss using the therapies she practices with diet and nutritional advice. She has completed a 2 year diploma in Chinese Cosmetology which includes specialist training in techniques to help weight loss.

Weekly or two weekly acupuncture and cupping sessions are recommended alongside daily herbal capsules. Cupping is a relatively painless technique in which large cups are placed on problem areas and using suction help to stimulate circulation in problem areas (e.g. abdomen, legs). The weight loss program is designed to produce effective and consistent results for you without extreme dieting and with a view to a long term health, improving lifestyle to support you and get you to your ideal weight.

A course of 10 fortnightly treatments should be undertaken for best results (this may be higher depending on the results you wish to achieve). On achieving the required results monthly or 6 weekly treatments may be recommended to continue improvement.

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*None of the herbal supports that Dr Jessica offers include Aristolochia, Methylphenidate or Sibutramine.