The Consultation

A thorough history with advice and treatment from a highly qualified doctor of integrative medicine

At your first consultation Dr Jessica or Dr Charley will listen to any problems or issues in detail and will ask you questions about your health and medical history. She will then look at your tongue and feel your pulse and may examine your further or take your blood pressure where indicated. They may need to take a basic panel of blood tests if required, see FAQ.

At the second visit – the Report of Findings, all of the information from your first visit will have been carefully assessed and will be discussed and explained to you.

Your treatment plan will then be discussed with you. If you agree, you will then have your first treatment. All treatments are specific to you and are tailored to your needs.

Dr Jessica may use herbal treatment (Chinese or Western), acupuncture, homeopathy or kinesiology. She will recommend vitamins, supplements and dietary changes where appropriate.

Dr Charley may use homeopathy and/ or kinesiology and acupuncture and will likely recommend vitamins, supplements, natural supports and dietary changes and dietary changes where appropriate.

All of these therapies work very well together and give you the best of what complementary medicine has to offer.

We can offer a wide range of blood, stool and genetic tests where required  (see fees page for more information)

Call our friendly team on 01625 850300 for appointments or click for fees and info about the practice

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Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams


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