This area is for EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY to order Cytoplan supplements, herb capsules, loose herbs, tinctures or creams that have been previously prescribed or advised by Dr Jessica or Dr Charley. Be advised that if she has not seen you for over 6 months she may be unable to reissue herbs without a consultation and will refund your purchase. Any person ordering that is not recognised will be issued a refund and will not be sent herbs.

At checkout you can select the appropriate option and either pick up (free), or postage will be calculated. Where possible orders will be dispatched within 3 working days, you will be advised if there will be a longer delay. Loose herb bags must have been prescribed previously take up to a week to prepare and Dr Jessica may need to discuss any changes to your symptoms and/ or have a consultation with you before issuing.

It is your responsibility to order the correct capsule number (check J and X prefixes carefully) that has been previously prescribed for you, if unsure contact Dr Jessica on or the clinic on 01625 850300.

Search in the box for the product you want or select from the below categories – you will be asked for a password which can be obtained by contacting or ringing the clinic on 01625 850300