Kefir is an amazing superfood, a living probiotic that you grow yourself and that with good care lasts forever. All it requires is milk!

Kefir is a living culture that originates from Eastern Europe and is a complex mixture of ‘good’ bacteria that forms cauliflower-like structures (called grains) which ferment milk into a yoghurt-like liquid that you can drink regularly to improve the bacterial balance in your gut.

Kefir includes lactobacilli that digest the lactose in the milk and it has been found to improve lactose intolerance, reduce inflammation and prevent the growth of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria like C. difficile and H. pylori. It may also be of benefit in high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, liver disease and immune system function. A truly amazing superfood.

To produce the kefir you just need the kefir grains which can be bought online, a glass kilner jar, organic whole milk and a plastic sieve.

Put the kefir grains in the kilner jar cover with 2 cups of milk and prop lid open to air. Leave culture for 24-48 hours until thickens and then strain through sieve using a spoon to stir the mixture through. Put the grains back in the jar with more milk and drink the remaining liquid. Kefir is sensitive to temperature and metal so be careful not to heat it and use a plastic not metal sieve.

Drinking kefir regularly is a wonderful health support for your and your family, and best if grown yourself, however companies such as Ocado, Abel & Cole and Riverford all supply ready-made organic kefir to drink for those who find it too difficult to add making kefir into their daily routine.