Dr Jessica Braid


“Having worked as a doctor in the NHS I am passionate about providing holistic treatment as naturally as possible, taking into account every patients’ individual requirements and providing the necessary support for the body to heal…”

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Dr Charlotte Baskeyfield


Dr Charley has a BSc in Medical Science from St Andrews University and qualified as a medical Doctor from Manchester University. She has 5 years experience working in hospital medicine in the NHS during which time she also trained as a homeopath and graduated from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy. She is trained in Kinesiology and uses Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK) in her practice.

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The Consultation

Your first visit will involve a full consultation, detailed history and assessment. Dr Jessica or Dr Charley  will then use this information to determine the best natural treatments and supports for your condition…


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Natural supports for a healthy life

Coconut oil

Virgin organic coconut oil is a great addition to your pantry. It contains a fat called lauric acid which can improve good (HDL) cholesterol levels and can be easily digested. Coconut


Kefir is an amazing superfood, a living probiotic that you grow yourself and that with good care lasts forever. All it requires is milk! Kefir is a living culture that

Eco Friendly – How we support the environment

You are visiting an eco-friendly clinic, passionate about preserving our beautiful environment. The evident changes of climate change and tipping point of the natural balance lead to an uncertain future for our children. We believe we can all make a difference.

The clinic is powered by Ecotricity a 100% renewable energy company helping us significantly reduce our footprint. Literature is printed on recycled paper, using vegetable based inks and The Natural Doctor contributes the following environmental charities:

Patient Testimonials

Dr Jessica is caring, kind hearted, patient person. She goes above and beyond. Dr Jessica’s knowledge is vast and her advice and treatment has really changed my life. Dr Jessica really listens to you and makes you feel special not just another patient. I cannot recommend Dr Jessica enough

F. Bass, 15th May 2016

Dr Jess…you are a one in a million doctor. You have had the experience of being a standard hospital doctor, have seen a need and undertaken the courageous and correct stand to be a doctor in its true meaning. You care for a person’s health in every possible way. You are approachable and professional. 

Since coming under your care…I have made huge steps in my emotional and physical state. I had given up on ever finding a life where I could do more than just exist. You are there every step of the way with a successful solution to everything. ?I have hope for the future – something no other doctor has instilled. I will always recommend you to all my friends. You are a blessing. THANKYOU 

P. Chadwick, 25th October 2016

After suffering a gruelling couple of years under numerous ‘health practitioners’, and being drugged to the point where all sensations were dull and numb, a friend suggested Jessica. She came highly recommended, but has far surpassed my wildest expectations! Jessica uses her vast knowledge and brilliant analysis to home in to the relevant issues and their appropriate remedies, whilst doubling up as a very gifted counsellor and life-coach. With her I can honestly say I finally ENJOY life!

S. Falk, January 2011

On my first visit to Jessica I was suffering from chronic fatigue and was extremely depressed. That was six months ago. I now feel a joy in life again and a renewed energy, so much so that i have started to train as a homeopath!

S. Winterton, January 2012


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